Mesin Lipat Kertas A4

Mesin lipat kertas portable ukuran A4 untuk lipat surat, undangan, brosur, amplop, map, dll. Mesin percetakan harga murah cocok untuk pekerjaan finishing percetakan.

Mesin Lipat Kertas A4

Mesin Lipat Kertas A4

Mesin Lipat Kertas Mini

Mesin Lipat Kertas Portable

Specification :

Paper Size : A4
Max. Paper Size : 220 x 390 mm
Min. Papaer Size : 30 x 60 mm
Paper Thickness : 50 – 250 gsm
Paper Type : Art Paper, Art Carton, HVS, Fancy Paper
Speed : 150 sheet/Minute (A4, 80 gsm)
Folding Type : Single Fold, Double Fold, According Fold, Letter Fold, Gate Fold, Special Fold
Paper Feeding : Automatic Roller
Power : 45 watt / 0.25 A, AC 220/50 Hz
Weight : 21.5 Kg


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One thought on “Mesin Lipat Kertas A4

  1. Rozi April 22, 2016 / 1:22 am

    Brp Harga ? Mesin Lipat Kertas

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