Ryobi 520 NP Ready Stock

Ryobi 520NP: mesin percetakan offset utk nomorator dan perforator. Mesin cetak import Ryobi Japan ready stock!

Ryobi 520NP

Cek spesifikasi dan harga mesin cetak Ryobi 520NP sbb:

Ryobi 520 NPRyobi 520 NP

Ryobi 520NPRyobi 520NP


  • Factory: Ryobi, Japan
  • Model: 520 NP
  • Number of printing units: 1
  • Max paper size: 520 x 365mm
  • Min paper size: 100 x 150mm
  • Max printing area: 505 x 350mm
  • Dampening system: Molleton
  • Speed: 11,000 sheets/h
  • Weight: 1,500 kg (1700 kg include NP unit)

Anda berminat…? ORDER TO : NOVARO


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